A dividend reinvestment plan is available to eligible shareholders. The dividend reinvestment plan provides a convenient and cost-effective way for eligible shareholders to acquire additional common shares of the Company by reinvesting cash dividends paid on their shareholdings. Until amended by the Board of Directors, funds reinvested under the Plan will be by way of Treasury Acquisitions, as defined in the Plan, and will be issued with a 1% discount to the Average Market Price, as defined in the Plan.

For more information, please refer to the materials below, or contact the Plan Agent, Computershare, at the link below to register. Shareholders should read the dividend reinvestment plan carefully before making any decision to enroll.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan Materials

Canadian and U.S. Registered Shareholders

You are a registered shareholder if the common shares are registered in your own name. Canadian and U.S. registered shareholders can join the Plan by completing the enrollment form available here.

Canadian and U.S. Beneficial Shareholders

If you are a Canadian or U.S. beneficial shareholder whose common shares are not registered in your name but are registered in the name of a nominee such as a bank, trust company, investment dealer or other intermediary, please contact your nominee to enroll in the Plan.

International Shareholders

During Q2 2018, the Company amended and restated the Plan to allow for certain non-Canadian and non-U.S. shareholders to participate in the Plan, subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions. Non-Canadian and non-U.S. shareholders should contact the Company to determine whether they satisfy the necessary conditions to participate in the Plan.

Important Notice to U.S. Shareholders

The Depository Trust Company (“DTC”) terminated its participation in Dividend Reinvestment Plans for Canadian securities for all events announced with a record date beyond March 31, 2014. As a result, a U.S. beneficial shareholder who wants to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan must either become a registered shareholder or transfer their shares to a Canadian broker. Shareholders should note that they may incur costs in connection with effecting such transactions and should consult with their broker before taking any action.

To become a registered shareholder, U.S. shareholders must contact their U.S. broker to request that their Franco-Nevada shares be withdrawn from their account and issued in their personal name and address (this changes the shareholder’s status from a beneficial shareholder to a registered shareholder). Upon receiving these instructions, the U.S. broker will request this withdrawal and issuance of shares via Franco-Nevada’s registrar and transfer agent, Computershare Investor Services Inc. Once the transfer is complete, the new U.S. registered shareholder may enrol with Computershare to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan at the address and telephone number noted here or go to the Franco-Nevada Investor Centre.

To transfer shares to a Canadian broker, U.S. shareholders must contact their U.S. broker to request that their Franco-Nevada shares be withdrawn from their U.S. account and deposited with a Canadian broker. Once deposited with a Canadian broker, shareholders may enrol through such Canadian broker.

Please see the following link for the official notice from DTC, including additional information for beneficial holders who want to participate in dividend reinvestment (Document #0064-14): http://www.dtcc.com/en/legal/important-notices.aspx?q=0064-14&pgs=1

U.S. Shareholders

The Company advises U.S. shareholders to please refer to Franco-Nevada’s Form F-3 filed on June 15, 2018, which can be accessed under the Company’s profile at www.sec.gov.

Plan Agent

Computershare Trust Company of Canada will administer the Plan. To access Computershare’s self-service web portal, click the following link: www.investorcentre.com/franco-nevada