Franco-Nevada Corporation is the leading gold-focused royalty and streaming company. We do not operate mines, develop projects or conduct exploration. Instead, we own and continue to grow a large, diversified portfolio of royalties and streams.

Business Model Advantages


Potential for exploration success on approximately 66,000 km2

Focus on Growth

Management not occupied with operational decisions

Free Cash-Flow Business

Not exposed to capital calls

Limited Cost Inflation

Streams/NSRs not exposed to cost inflation

High Margins & Low Overhead

Strong cash generation throughout the commodity cycle

Diversified Portfolio

Non-operating business is more scalable

Partnership Approach

We build long-term alignment with our operating partners. This alignment and the natural flexibility of our royalties and streams is an effective financing tool for the cyclical resource sector.

Alignment with partners for a win-win solution

Support leading operators through long-term partnership

Technical team with strong track record identifying successful projects

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Why We Are Different

Shareholder Alignment

Committed to high share ownership and low G&A–treating shareholder funds as our own

Financial Flexibility

Avoiding long-term debt and paying progressive and sustainable dividends ensures capital availability at all times

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Cyclical Investing

Board and management have a patient approach to investing in cyclical markets

Asset Selection

Strong technical skills and a focus on exploration optionality and good tenure drive successful asset selection

Partnership Success

Royalty and stream financing that provides long-term alignment and financial flexibility.