Stibnite Gold (Au)

Stibnite Gold

LOCATION: Idaho, United States
OPERATOR: Perpetua Resources Corp.

In May 2013, Perpetua Resources Corp. (“Perpetua Resources”), formerly Midas Gold Corp. (“Midas Gold”), agreed to sell to Franco-Nevada a newly created 1.7% NSR on future gold production from the Stibnite project in Idaho for $15 million. Midas Gold announced that effective February 2021 the company had changed its name to Perpetua Resources.

The Stibnite project is located in a historic mining town of the same name in Idaho, about 153 km northeast of Boise and the project is potentially one of the highest grade open-pit deposits in the U.S. Perpetua Resources has consolidated 107 km2 of unpatented and patented claims.

In December 2020, Perpetua Resources announced the results of a feasibility study on the Stibnite project. The project is expected to have a 15-year mine life with average annual gold production of 301,000 ounces per year. The first four years demonstrate an average annual gold production of 466,000 ounces per year. The project consists of mining the Yellow Pine, Hangar Flats and West End deposits by conventional open-pit.

The United States Forest Service (“USFS”) released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (“Draft EIS”) for public review in August 2020. On October 28, 2020 the comment period officially ended and with the comment period complete, regulators will now review the comments submitted and evaluate the alternatives contained in the Draft EIS. Currently, the USFS is scheduled to release the Final Environmental Impact Statement (“Final EIS’) in Q2 2021 and to issue its record of decision (“ROD”) on the project in late Q3 2021.

Perpetua Resources plans for restoration of the site to include progressive and concurrent remediation, beginning at the start of construction and continuing through operations and project closure. Extensive reclamation and restoration of historical mining impacts are planned. These include the restoration of fish passages during and after operations, the relocation of historical mining waste, stream restoration and reforestation.


  • One of the highest grade undeveloped open-pit deposits in the U.S.
  • The Stibnite project would be the only domestic source of antimony mined in the U.S.

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