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Gold Quarry (Au)


LOCATION: Nevada, United States
OPERATOR: Nevada Gold Mines Llc

The Gold Quarry operation is part of the Nevada Gold Mines Carlin operations in north-central Nevada. It is a large open-pit mine that has been in production since 1985 supplying ore as part of an integrated mining and processing complex. Different mines supply variable ore types and grades to a variety of processing facilities situated throughout the complex. Nevada Gold Mines has significant milling and roasting infrastructure immediately east of the Gold Quarry pit. On July 1, 2019, Barrick (61.5%) and Newmont (38.5%) combined their significant assets across Nevada to create Nevada Gold Mines as a joint venture. Under this joint venture, Barrick reports Gold Quarry under its Carlin operations category and Newmont reports Gold Quarry under its Nevada Gold Mines category.

Franco-Nevada’s royalty interest covers only a portion of the Gold Quarry property, as shown in the schematic. The Gold Quarry royalty is a 7.29% NSR based on production or on different annual minimum royalty payment obligations tied to Mineral Reserves and stockpiles attributed to the Gold Quarry royalty property. In 2019, Franco-Nevada received 11,205 ounces and expects to receive 11,250 ounces in 2020 based on the minimum royalty provisions.


  • Annual minimum payment obligations based on contained Mineral Reserves
  • Registered on private lands
  • Adjacent to Nevada Gold Mines’ milling and roasting infrastructure

2019 2018 2017
Revenue to Franco-Nevada ($ million) $ 15.6 $ 14.4 $ 14.2