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Gold Quarry (Au)


LOCATION: Nevada, United States
OPERATOR: Newmont Mining Corporation

The Gold Quarry operation is part of Newmont Mining Corporation’s (“Newmont”) Carlin operations in north-central Nevada. It is a large open-pit mine that has been in production since 1985 supplying ore as part of an integrated mining and processing complex with different mines supplying variable ore types and grades to a variety of processing facilities situated throughout the complex. Newmont has significant milling and roasting processing infrastructure immediately east of the Gold Quarry pit. Newmont currently reports Mineral Reserves and production numbers by area and does not publicly quote separate Gold Quarry numbers.

Franco-Nevada’s royalty interest covers only a portion of the Gold Quarry property as shown in the schematic. The Gold Quarry royalty is a 7.29% NSR based on production or on different annual minimum royalty payment obligations tied to Mineral Reserves and stockpiles attributed to the Gold Quarry royalty property. In 2018, Franco-Nevada received 11,262 ounces and expects to receive 11,250 ounces in 2019 based on the minimum royalty provisions.


  • Annual minimum payment obligations based on contained Mineral Reserves
  • Registered on private lands
  • Adjacent to Newmont’s milling and roasting infrastructure

2018 2017 2016
Revenue to FNV ($ million) $ 14.4 $ 14.2 $ 14.0