TSX:FNV 91.48 -0.27 -0.29%
Volume 441,599
January 18, 2019
NYSE:FNV 68.90 -0.22 -0.32%
Volume 646,283
January 18, 2019
Gold 1,281.71 -10.78 -0.83%
January 18, 2019
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Location: Australia, Rest of World
Operator: Matsa Resources Limited
Royalty: NSR: 1.75%

Red October is located in the Laverton region of Western Australia which was in production as an open-pit until 2001. Saracen Mineral Holdings Limited, the previous operator, commenced underground mining in 2012. Franco-Nevada’s royalty interest covers 29 km2 surrounding the Red October deposit. Saracen reported production of 10,800 ounces of gold for the six months ending June 2017, when production at Red October ceased. In September 2017, Saracen announced the sale of Red October to Matsa Resources Limited (“Matsa”), which was completed in late March 2018.