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Edikan (Au)

Location: Ghana
Operator: Perseus Mining Limited
Royalty: NSR: 1.5%

In 2011, Franco-Nevada acquired an effective 1.5% NSR royalty on Perseus Mining Limited’s (“Perseus”) Edikan gold mine in Ghana, centered on the Ashanti Gold Belt which includes two mining leases of approximately 93 km2.

In June 2015, Perseus’ Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement was approved which was required for mining the Fetish, Chirawewa, Bokitsi (collectively referred to as the “Eastern Pits”) and Esuajah North gold deposits. An upgrade to the mill and relocation of housing was successfully completed by the end of 2016. Perseus has increased production in recent years at Edikan. Perseus produced 153,902 ounces in its fiscal 2016, 176,218 ounces in fiscal 2017 and 220,491 ounces in fiscal 2018.

As part of the revised life of mine plan announced in August 2018, the Edikan operation will transition from employing two mining contractors on the site to a single mining contractor. The single contractor agreement was fully implemented in January 2019 which is expected to positively impact mining costs over the remaining 6 year mine life. Perseus’ August 2018 life of mine plan estimates average production of 181,000 ounces over the current 6 year mine life.


  • Updated life of mine plan assumes average annual production of 185,000 gold ounces over 6 years

2018 2017 2016
Revenue to Franco-Nevada ($ million) $ 4.3 $ 3.7 $ 3.1