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Energy Assets

Franco-Nevada has owned and invested in energy assets since inception. While gold and gold equivalents are our focus, energy investments allow us to be opportunistic through the commodity cycles and to diversify our portfolio. Our longer-term target is to manage energy revenues to be no more than 20% of our business. Energy revenue was 13.7% of Franco-Nevada’s overall revenue in 2019. Similar to the gold industry, the energy sector has many active participants from senior to junior companies which provides a broad range of royalty opportunities.

Franco-Nevada manages its energy division with six dedicated employees. Until 2016, Franco-Nevada’s focus was primarily on the Western Canadian sedimentary basin. In late 2016, Franco-Nevada began to increase the scope of its energy royalty investment activities to include additional basins in the U.S. due to their attractive economics, regulatory environment and access to market. These include the SCOOP/STACK basins in Oklahoma, the Midland/Delaware basins in Texas, and the Marcellus shale in Appalachia.

Major Producing Assets

United States SCOOP/STACK (Continental)
Permian Basin
Continental Resources
Canada Weyburn Unit
Whitecap Resources
Osum Oil Sands